Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heroes and Heroines

I was reading a friend's post this morning on facebook how the heroine is so bad she makes your eyes bleed. Yep she really did say that. And I told her that's what I was going to blog about this morning.
You can check out her FB page here!

What makes a character so bad that you roll your eyes at them? Are they too sweet? Too demanding? Too emotional? Or just plain ditzy?

Most of the reviews I've read where they complain about the characters, they are referring to the heroine and not the hero.

Also, Do men view the characters the same as a woman does? Maybe we need to have a review contest of sorts and compare the results. :-)

I know when we watch movies we will make comments like,
 "What did he do that for?"
"Why do they make these people so stupid?"
" I could have done a better job of acting!"
Well you get the idea....

And I'm not talking a specific genre, I'm talking all of them.
I know characters are going to different in all genres,
but overall character traits are basically the same.
We all have the same emotions, sadness, happiness, sexy, soft, tough,
no matter if you are reading a romance,  paranormal, horror, or comedy.

What traits endear you to the characters?
What do you want to see in the characters?
Do you want to see the softer side of men?
The tougher side of women?

As always would love to hear your viewpoints!
Have a great day! And keep writing!


  1. Thank you so much!! This is a problem that haunts me constantly. For me, the problem is strength and pride imbued in characters. We see this all the time in heroes, but seldom in the heroines. It is NOT a woman's lot in life to tolerate bad behavior in order to keep a man. Ugh!! A heroine is allowed to be discerning, have a modicum of self respect, and be proud. Thanks I feel better now.

  2. You are so welcome!I have been seeing a lot of reviews and they are complaining the heroine is just too whiny and wimpy. So I figured let's find out other's opinions and find out what does everyone really want and how can we improve our heroines!

  3. Blue Shedevil, I am now following your blog Rage, Sex, and Teddy bears. Awesome blog!

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