Monday, September 12, 2011

Stumbling Block

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone!

   Today I want to talk about "Stumbling Blocks", Not "Writer's Block", per say, just stumbling ones. Have you ever been so engrossed in a book, and just finished reading a great chapter and are anticipating the next one, when all of a sudden the writer seems to have stumbled through that chapter? Yes the chapter needs to be there to carry on the story and yet it just goes flat....There is a favorite song of mine where the guitar riff is going great and then the guitarist throws in this one note and it gives me the impression that his hand slipped. It's like, "Okay, where did that come from?"

  This past week I have been having a stumbling block on the chapter I am currently working on. And yes, it needs to be there. The scene has played out in my head a dozen different ways and I know what needs to be said, but every time I start typing it up, I feel like I am stumbling through it and I really don't like that feeling...

So my question to you is...How do you get through it and keep your readers engrossed instead of giving them the impression that you fell flat? Love to hear what you have to say. And as always, all opinions are more then welcome!


  1. I think we've all come across our blocks. I usually will write the scene as I see it unfolding, and if it's flat, I will usually be able to fix it during the re-write, after I've put it away for a while.

  2. I had written it and kept going back to it. I finally realized it needed to be the beginning of the next chapter. Thanks for your input.


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