Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do You Doubt Your Work?

This is my horoscope this morning... Cold Feet? Me? Yes, actually I do have doubts this morning.

I have been reading little excerpts from other writer and author's books. And for me that's a No-No.
The reason is, I tell myself, is I don't want to be influenced by other's writing while writing my current book.
But over the last few days I have stumbled upon little bits and pieces here and there on blogs that I follow.
The problem is I find myself saying, "That's awesome. That's great!" And because I might be in a slump on my own writing at the moment I say to myself, "Why would anyone want to read what I write?"
Then I go back to my current work and start reading through it again, and tell myself, "It's not so bad. :-)

Do you have doubts as you are plotting out that perfect book? Do you get cold feet?
What do you do to get your feet warmed back up?

Jupiter Trine Pluto
November 19, 2011 to December 17, 2011
The graph for Jupiter Trine Pluto
Don't wait a second longer than you absolutely have to. You have the power in your eager little paws. Don't get a case of cold feet now!

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