Saturday, November 5, 2011

Emotions, Coincidences, You!

Good afternoon and Happy Saturday! Shh! I'm not supposed to be here, I am supposed to be on my other laptop writing, but I just had to stop by and visit for just a minute.

I want to talk about emotions, coincidences, you, and your writing, but first a message from our sponsor,
                                                 No wait that can't be right!
But first a little peek into my crazy mixed up head is more like it!

I finished my first novel last week, well there are a couple of paragraphs that I feel I need to tweak just a little.
When I started writing it I knew it could be a stand alone novel, ( It has a beginning, a middle, and a very Happily ever after, but it also has questions unanswered that would be answer in previous books),  even though in my head there are at least two more ahead of it and that should go with it, but at that time I decided not to write them. I didn't think they would have the impact like the third one. That is until I signed up for NaNoWriMo and figured I'd write the first one for the challenge.
                            Talk about emotional!
Here it is 5 days into it and I am at 15,340 words, And I have laughed and cried more than once. And I haven't even gotten to the saddest part. I get ready to go to the grocery store with the story swirling around in my head waiting to be written and I'm in tears....
"What can I say, I'm the emotional, sensitive type..."

Okay now for the coincidence. A line in my current writing has the heroine looking down at her big toe, peeking out at her from the hole in her shoe. The reason it's there is because her shoes are too small.
Okay, got that? Okay good.

Hours after I had written that line, I had put on my favorite tennis shoes. Looking down at them I had to laugh at my big toe peeking out at me. No my shoes aren't too small. These are my Duggy shoes and that hole has been in there for about a year now, ever since my sweet little dog Duggy chewed it there.

Okay now you.....

How much of "you" do you put into your writing?
Stop and think about it for a moment, and then let me know.

Well I have really got to go! Catch you all later!


  1. Ohh too funny! :D
    It happens like that in a subliminal sort of way, no?
    Love this post. And...NaNoWriMo-ers RULE! We're gonna rock the NaNo house down! Woot! :)

  2. Hi Maureen Yep that's what I was thing! Must be my subconscious doing all the work!
    How's your NaNoWriMo coming along? I'm hoping to hit 25,000 words before bed tonight! So crank up the music and let's get ready to rock!

  3. thinking! It's supposed to be thinking! lol!Boy by the time this month is up I will probably be completely psycho!


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