Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let's Skip the Rest of January!

Can we just fast forward to February? Please?

Wow January has had me on a roller coaster. My email account was hacked into, not once, but twice.
I have had to send out apology emails to everyone for the spam that my hackers have been sending them.
 Then I had to create a new email at a different server. What a mess!
And then there was the mix up with my paypal debit.
And to top everything off, My car has failed the smog test 3 times, even after I paid out the $168.00
to have the carburator rebuilt! So I'm stuck at home :-(
But then that's not too bad, I wrote a novelette and am working on another while being stuck at home,
But the worst thing for me is:
Being stuck on the second book in my series!
The words are there, in my head, some on paper, others on the computer, the whole story actually in one way or another,
But they are just words. I can't seem to express the emotions that those words should express.
The love/hate, deep down, I will be there for you forever, no matter where our paths lead us, type of emotions.
So can we just fast forward a couple of weeks and hope February is better?
And I'm not the only one who has been having a not so great week. Check Out Debra's blog here

At least she's got an awesome poem to help with the struggles.
Happy Sunday everyone, and here's to a better week! I hope!


  1. Wow. Sorry to hear about all of that Karen. None of that sounds like fun. I’ve heard of some nasty things happening to a few people where their blogs, FB accounts and twitter accounts are concerned. We just went through the UGLY car repair bills. Luckily it wasn’t time to pass a smog test. Fingers crossed when that time rolls around. I don’t want to be walking to the school to pick up the kids.  But the added (forced) home time to work on your novella is always welcome. I love focused writing time. I hope you find the right writer’s way to express the emotions you are trying to convey. Emotions can be a tough nut to crack sometimes. Thanks for linking my not-so-great Row80 check-in. :D Next week will be better for both of us.

  2. Hi Debra and thanks, but it's not so bad, The email was the worst for me.
    How's the week going so far?


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