Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Your Book, A Movie?

Just a quick post. I was watching the TV show "Bones" last night and in the episode, Bones' book was being made into a movie and she was complaining "That isn't what the book said and that's not right and who changed my dialogue and that didn't happen", and I could so relate with how she felt! Well no not exactly, none of my books have been turned into movies, but that's the way I would feel if that were to happen. I wonder how Stephen King and J.K Rowling feel when they are sitting on the set while their book is being made into a movie? We all know what it's like to read a book and then see the movie and you complain how they ruined the whole book by changing so many things in the movie, sometimes it makes you wonder if they are from the same planet! But anyway, I was just curious how you would  feel, besides elated that your book was being made into a movie, about all the changes that happen?


  1. As long as I can cast the characters and make sure they thoroughly understand my intention in my book, then I think I could sit quietly on the sidelines :) Oh yes, I'd want to have the director over for dinner and explain everything to him/her before he develops ideas of his own. Other than that, apart from the Cinematographer, who would naturally follow me to the true location and the extras I'd hand pick, I'd keep my mouth zipped. After all the movie people are professionals. They know what they are doing. I'm sure they wouldn't mind me peeking at the edits, though, and tweaking just a little if necessary. Of course it wouldn't be necessary :)
    btw Kyle & Kelly, I found you via Karen Cote-author on Twitter

    1. Hi Wendy
      Yes, I would have to be at the auditions and choose who I would want for at least my main characters and yes make sure they didn't cut any important lines or scenes! It's hard you put your heart and soul into your book and then have Hollywood tear it apart.

  2. A lot of changes have to be made for times sake, but I have often felt like some of the best lines in a book are taken out when they could add to the story. I mean, they could stand to keep a couple more lines in if they do.

    Although, if it was my book I wouldn't be too happy about changes made.

  3. I understand that yes certain parts might have to be cut and some scenes would have to be deleted, but when they start changing the storyline into something completely different or if the ending doesn't come out the same, Or when they have your character saying things that you would never have them say.
    I read a post from another blogger months ago and he had been contacted by someone to make his book into a movie, he even flew out to Hollywood and worked with this person, they got funding, and the producer literally tore his book to shreds changing everything. Long story short and after many months, the writer said nope, never mind and went back home. I know that a few of Stephen King's movies have had different endings, one being Cujo. And I have not read any of the Harry Potter books, but love the movies, but I've been told they changed things in those too.

  4. In spite of everything, I wouldn't be so precious as to say 'No' to the movie. After all, the movie might get people to read the book and pass the word around that 'the book really is better than the movie' leading to more sales and satisfied readers. A double win scenario.


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