Friday, June 14, 2013

All Authors Blog Blitz with Michelle Mogil

I signed up for the "All Authors Blog Blitz" event through my Goodreads Group,
Created and Moderated by Y. Correa and you can find her Goodreads page here.  

And I am so excited to host Michelle  on my blog today! 

Please Welcome Michelle Mogil!

Michelle Montague Mogil has dipped her toes into the large pond of independent authorship and thinks the water is fine.

She's written her first novel, The Gentle Man:

Anastasia Trent is a Woman of a Certain Age, a systems analyst by day, and part-time bartender by night. One night, as she's trying to close up the bar, she's accosted by an odd little man who claims to be running for his life and begs Ana to take him in. Against her better judgement, she does. He promptly, and very willfully, turns her mundane life upside down and sideways, leaving her torn between the conviction that he's an aging Goth with a fetish for drinking human blood and a need for medical intervention, and the impossible possibility that he's a real live eight-hundred vampire bent on making her his consort. Along the way, she is confronted with life-changing decisions, and she keeps managing to make the wrong ones...

The Gentle Man is available at these fine stores:


Amazon KDP

CreateSpace Store

Michelle is also involved, along with some decidedly shady characters, in an anthology of short stories. Titled Theme-Thology: Invasion, the book will be published by HDWP Books on September 28, 2013. For more information, contact, or you can follow the process of writing and editing the anthology here:

Michelle has always loved to write, filling notebooks and journals with her thoughts and observations, but has only just now found the courage to show it to complete strangers. She is humbled and gratified to find people like to read the words that come out of her brain. 

She's all over this Internet thing — you can connect with her at the following social media sites:

Twitter: @michmogil

And a little about her personal life 

Michelle has three daughters, one of whom gave her three grandsons in short order. She lives in beautiful upstate New York along with one greyhound, three cats, an arbitrary number of chickens, and one very tolerant husband.

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