Sunday, June 23, 2013

No Genre fiction or Chick Lit?

I've been trying my hand at No Genre Fiction and I need some feedback.

This is my first attempt at No Genre Fiction.  It has no Romance, no Mystery, no Zombies, Aliens, or Vampires. It follows the rules as to no genre and it is a fictional story about something that can happen in everyday life.

So do you think it could be classified as,  No Genre Fiction? Or do you think it would be Chick lit?

Find one person's definition for Chick lit here

Okay here's my story...

"All Grown Up"

    I look at my reflection in the mirror. No longer a child, there’s a young woman staring back at me. I hear the knock at the door and glance over my shoulder as my maid of honor opens it. 
   Standing there in his dark tuxedo, looking more handsome than I can ever remember, is my dad. He puts out his arm to me and asks, “Ready to go?”
   I walk over and kiss him on the cheek. Our eyes are almost even now and I wonder, Has he gotten shorter, or is it just that I have grown taller? This man who used to tower over me when he taught me how to ride a bike and to throw a baseball when I wanted to join little league. Leaving a smudge of lipstick, I wipe it away with the tip of a finger, nod my approval, and notice the gray that streaks through his hair. I slip my arm through his and whisper, “As ready as I’ll ever be.” I let him lead me out into the foyer as the music begins. Our steps are matched in harmony as we walk towards the alter and I can feel the eyes on us, watching every step we take. There is Aunt Mae, smiling and wiggling her fingers in a wave. And Uncle Henry, tugging at his tie, and looking bored out of his skin. Too many people watching us. It makes the heat rise high on my cheeks. I feel exposed and jittery. I stumble and tighten my grip on dad’s arm. 
   He pats my hand and smiles. His smile comforts me. Me, his little girl, looking all grown up in white satin and lace. “You okay?” He asks. “You’re not going to faint on me, are you?”
   I smile at him through the lacy gauze of my veil. “Dad were you this nervous when you married mom?”
   He leans his head against mine and whispers so only I can hear. “I was so nervous; I forgot to put my socks on. My feet started to sweat and my shoes slipped up and down. I had blisters for weeks.”
   I chuckle at his secret. We pause next to the pew mom is sitting in. Even though her smile beams with love, her eyes fill with tears. She dabs at her eyes and gives me a watery smile. I smile back and can feel my own tears well up as I turn my attention to the handsome man waiting for me at the alter. Dad takes my hand and holds it out to this man, who in a few moments of time will become my husband. As I let go of dad’s hand I know in his eyes I will always be his little girl, but as I take the hand of my husband to be, I know in fact that I am “All Grown Up.”

Okay that's my story. What do you think? C.K. Hopper left a comment on my other post saying that No Genre Fiction sounds rather boring, so I tried to make it as entertaining as possible. 
I am writing another one titled, "Passing the Time" that I will submit to a magazine that only accepts No Genre Fiction
   Also I have a question; Do you think No Genre Fiction can only be written in first person POV, or do you think it's possible to write it in second or third person POV?

   And if you'd like to try No Genre Fiction, post a short story on your blog and then email me the link and I'll do a post, sharing everyone's links.

   Have a great weekend everyone! And stop by my other blog and check out all the covers so far for, "Show Me Your Cover!


  1. I like it. I don't necessarily think all fiction should be boxed into a genre.
    As for other POVs - I don't see why it wouldn't work.
    Hope this helps a bit!

    1. Hi Jane
      Thank you. It's just one thing I've been trying my hand at. I've also been taking a stab at poetry and children's picture books. I'm always looking for a challenge. Doesn't mean I can conquer them, but I try. :-) I'll have to try it in different points of view, which would work out good for me because I normally don't write in 1st person.

  2. Not chick-lit. Seems like No Genre Fiction. I liked it.

    1. Hi Gerri
      How are you today?
      Not chick-lit is good! I have been researching magazines to submit short romance stories to and have found quite a few that only take No Genre Fiction, so I thought I'd try it.

  3. You did a good job, Karen. The "No Genre Fiction" is anything but boring. It is everyday things that make one feel and could happen to you.

    The one thing I might say about the way you wrote. You used I to start too many sentences. There are ways around that and it will be a better read and seem more professional.

    Now, you asked for my opinion and what I say comes to you from someone that admires your hard work and talent. Your story touched me from the father's perspective-- which is something else 1st person should do. It's not all about the main character. It's just seen through her eyes.

    1. Hi Dannie
      Thank you and "I" am always open to constructive criticism :-) Maybe I should try it in 3rd person POV.

  4. I'd put it under "family drama". Not sure I really understand how any fiction can have no genre. There's always some bracket you can put it in. Same as all words have a grammatical term, even if all the ones people aren't sure about (words like "ago") are just lumped into the adverbs box.

  5. I commented on your other post before this one, but I don't find this boring at all. Of course it is from a perspective I could never have (ditto child birth) but I think it is not a genre' I can pin down, but is a "sweet" short story. I'm not sure about third person...maybe I'll try to send you one from the ideas on my other post. LOL

  6. Hi Guy
    I read your email response and I have a link you might be interested in :-)

  7. I believe you've nailed it, Karen! I can't seem to put this story in any known genre. It's a moment out of a life; a few moments of a jittery bride's experience before the most important day of her life.

    I disagree with Chris Ward. I don't believe it can be placed in "family drama" or any type of "drama", for that matter. It really is a non genre work of fiction, and well-written, too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate the comment and the encouragement . . . and tomorrow is mailing day for me so watch your mail box in the next coming days . . . ;-)

  8. Hi Cat
    You describe it perfectly! And I look forward to the mail! I'm so excited!


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