Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Show Me Your New Cover, Karen!

I have been doing a series of posts on my other blog, Karen's Different Corners, Titled, 
Now I'm not a cover person. I don't buy a book based on the cover. The title of the book might catch my eye and sometimes I'll pick up a book because someone has recommended it, but most of the time it's the blurb that has the final say. 

Take the blurb for The Good Dr. Grant for example;

Amy knows she wants just one man's attention, just one to unleash her passion and connect with, but which one? There's Tom, her best friend forever, whom she's had a crush on since they were just kids. Then there's Dr. Grant Graysen, the veterinarian that took over her father's practice, but wait...Is that Kent, her ex husband, the most passionate man she has ever known, what's he doing here?

Okay after reading the blurb, you get the idea it's a romance, right?

And then you have my cover;

A Dog? Now you are probably wondering;  How does a dog represent romance?
Well if you read the blurb up there...Did you read it? I'll wait...
As you can see, The Good Dr. Grant, is a veterinarian. 

In my opinion, a book cover should not only represent your story, but a part of you.
So the photo is one that I took of my son's dog, Sandi. Isn't she adorable! But...other's have told me that my sweet granddog doesn't represent romance, so...

I have redesigned the cover for the paperback and eventually will change the ebook.

Now the only things represented by me are, the name, the purple iris on the back cover, the blurb, and the fact that I choose the colors. And I wrote the book of course, but that's on the inside. :-) The photos I had purchased from Dreamstime for the book trailer. 

So...What do you think?

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