Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Rejection Letter

I know the title sounds horrible, but...
Yes, I did receive another rejection email yesterday.
And at first I was actually happy because...
I have been thinking of self publishing this particular book.
It's the first book in my series "Chris' Journey Turning Different Corners"
And then I was depressed...
What's wrong with this book? It's a great story!
And then I was...Hmm...I don't know...Understanding, maybe?
I have read countless blogs about querying and they tell you,
                       "Do your homework!"
And they are right! From the beginning I have questioned my genre with this particular story.
Is it a "Romance?" Yes, basically speaking, but it has all these other variables to it.
It starts out with "Chris" being a 12 year old foster child and gets to 18, falling in love,
having sex, getting married, and then tragedy strikes crashing her world down around her,
Then there's abuse, and new friends, and turning points, acceptance, and closure at the age of 22,
but no HEA, because...That's where book two comes in...

Okay, so to sum it up, this is what the rejection letter said;
"Unfortunately, after careful consideration of your manuscript, we have determined that it does not fit our needs"
And they are right! Even though the agents and publishers I have queried are looking for romance novels and series, mine really does not fit their needs.
They aren't saying it's not a good story, just that as a romance novel,
it doesn't fit with the typical ones that they publish. I also know, from doing my homework,
that the last book in the series (Which was originally written as a stand alone) would fit,
but I want the first three books out there first and then I'll look into querying the final one.

Just remember "Rejection letters" can be a good thing!
Just keep doing your homework and don't give up on your dream.


  1. It's great that you're keeping a positive attitude through this!

    1. Well, I have only sent out 5 queries on it and I went in with the positive attitude that not everyone would like what I write.

  2. I agree that we have to do "our homework," but we also know that a lot of publishers and agents are not willing to take a chance on a manuscript that is "out of the box." Your story sounds interesting to me, because it IS different! Good for you, sticking to your concept! We can never give up on our dreams. :)

    1. Thank you. It's just so hard sometimes trying to figure out what agents and publishers want and then hoping the readers enjoy what you write.

    2. Exactly! That's why I think we need to just write what's in our hearts and go for it.


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