Monday, March 19, 2012

Should vs. Supposed to vs. Need!

Good morning and Happy Monday and Tuesday to everyone!
I, like you, have a lot of things I need to get done and my blog post is first on my list!
So I thought I'd share some of my goals for the week with you today and see if you can relate.
I have a lot of books in my kindle so I really need to get some reading done,
but here are the top four I hope to get read this week.

  • "Frozen Past" is the new one out by "Richard C Hale" I read Richard's novel "Near Death" and I like his writing style. You can find "Frozen Past" here,

  • Next is "The Butterfly and The Bull" by Stuart Haddon and you can find it here 

  • Then I have "LOL" by Charlie Nitric and you can find it here

Last week I read  "Indie Authors Make Better Lovers" by Vonda Norwood And it was funny, fun, and a sexy read and you can find it here
Okay now for the rest of my to do list!

  • Put the finishing touches on "The Good Dr. Grant"
  • Format it
  • Write the blurb for it
  • And get it uploaded to createspace
  • Work/decide on the cover for "Chris' Journey Turning Different Corners"
  • Give my poor dog a much needed haircut and bath
Well that's my week. How's yours shaping up?
Oh and I forgot to say, get back on my workout schedule! And I just have to share my horoscope for today. Love it!
March 19, 2012
The completion of a long-term goal might have you feeling enthusiastic, energetic, and happy. You're also likely to be looking to the future, Aquarius, formulating ideas for other projects and discussing them with friends. Group activities could benefit you at this time and put you in touch with new people who could possibly become close to you. In the evening, go to an exciting movie. A thriller would suit you just fine.
As for a movie, Nah, but maybe One of those books I mentioned!

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