Wednesday, February 1, 2012

After You Die

M.G. Miller did a guest post on Debra's blog today

and it was very interesting. They were talking about reincarnation and his new book "Bayou Jesus"
Which you can find on Amazon here 

My thoughts on what happens after you die tend to go back and forth.
I believe the spirit leaves you on the third day, and yet when my brother passed away, I could swear I seen his spirit standing there with us as the paramedics put him on the gurney right there in my hallway before rolling him out.

I think my nephew is on to something when he told me that maybe what happens when you die is exactly what you believe.

If you believe that as soon as you stop breathing that the heavens open and welcome you, then that's how it is for you.
If you believe that you will lie in a sleep state in the ground until the second coming of Jesus, then that will be your fate.

And then there are the ones that believe that there is nothing after death.

We all have our own beliefs in what happens, and I tend to believe in reincarnation.

I picture a beautiful stairway leading to Heaven with each step representing a new life.
Standing at the bottom looking up at the illusion that the steps are getting smaller, but maybe it's not an illusion, but they are actually getting smaller. Each one representing a shorter and happier life, leading to the top and closer to Heaven.
The bottom step signifies that your are closer to the devil, which in turn would make that bottom step the longest and hardest to go through, but the next steps are shorter and become easier to maneuver as you go up.
People who have had near death experiences have often commented on a bright light and my explanation for that is the lights in the delivery room as you are being reborn. If you come back from the light, to me that signifies a stillbirth on the other side. And yes it is sad for the family at that point, but it means that that person has crossed their last step into Heaven.

Maybe my philosophy is flawed. Maybe you are asking why kids suffer pain and sickness only to live a short life, when their short life should be a better one. I can't answer these questions.
I just believe we have to go with our own faith and beliefs, and the hope that there is something good when we finally reach that last step.


  1. Hey Karen - a very honest post. I like to think that I will meet up with long lost friends and family (but only the nice ones!). I'm hopeless at losing people and can't believe it all ends in death.

  2. Hi Jane
    Sometimes it's hard to write what you feel. I'm always worried I will offend someone. I lost my mom, my brother, and my nephew in a 3 year time period and even though I am a grown woman, losing my mom was the hardest. She believed when you die you go straight to Heaven so I believe that's where she is. As for my brother, I like to believe that he's here watching over me. My personal guardian angel, so to speak. As for me, I've got a lot of lives to go through so it will be awhile before I get there,but I know they will be waiting for me and someday we will all be together again.

  3. I think I believe in reincarnation. I would like to think we come back in order to learn, adapt and overcome any problem we're dealt. That would explain unbearable hardships like children suffering during a brief life or someone born handicapped. Perhaps we all take a turn to understand misery we could never imagine otherwise.

    Whatever our fate, we should always be kind!

  4. Hi Charlie, How's the headache? All gone I hope. Yes, I agree with you, we should always try and be kind, no matter what.

  5. New follower here! :)

    I believe in the resurrection and by the same token an afterlife. I also believe what we do in this lifetime will affect the next. Wow, what a deep, deep topic! Very brave of you to let us know what you're thinking!

  6. Hi Jack and Thank you for following!
    Yes, it can be a touchy subject, but sometimes..
    We have all been taught that there are 3 things you never discuss...
    And yet if we never talk about them people will never know our views,
    see our personalities and learn to love us for who we are,
    even if we don't agree.


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