Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Sandi!

I have never been a fan of pitbulls and when my son took a picture of her with his phone and sent it to my phone...No it wasn't love at first site...It was, "Please tell me that's not a pitbull."

But Sandi is sweet, shy, and always smiling and has worked her way into my heart. My son will tell you that  she's a sissy. Since my son lives about 120 miles away, we try to get together at least once a month so she knows who we are and my little dog Duggy and her, simply adore each other. Sandi will be on the cover of my next book, (Tentatively titled "The Good Dr. Grant") and I know there will be lovers and haters, so I want to introduce her and let everyone get to know her before the book comes out. So here she is! Hi Sandi, grandma loves you!


  1. Sandi is a cutie...we have a pit-boxer mix and everyone loves her. She even has her own blog:

  2. Hi Donna! (aka Froggi) Yes Sandi is a cutie and she has smiled her way into our hearts. Sadie is adorable too! I love her blog and I stopped by a couple of your other blogs also. Hope you are having a great day!

  3. Pitbulls get a lot of bad press, but then so does sugar and I love sugar despite the press! Sugar in moderation and with Pitbulls I believe it's how they're raised. Sandi looks adorable and very sweet.

  4. Yes they have and yes she is a sweetie. My son called me today and said, "Mom you want to puppy sit for a week?" So she will be here Tuesday and stay until Sunday with me.

  5. I bet his bark is worse than his bite!

  6. Hi Lisa, so funny, because she won't bark. All the other dogs run out and bark at the mailman, the ice cream truck, and the neighbor, but she just smiles and wags her tail. :-)


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