Saturday, February 4, 2012

Testing The Waters

Instead of jumping in feet first and being in up to my neck,
I decided to just dip in my toes,
wanting to know if the water is warm and inviting,
or so cold that it makes me shudder.
Everything we do in life can be scary...From that first kiss, to saying "I Do"
Bringing a child into world. Loving and nurturing, praying they won't be led astray.
Writing and publishing a book is a lot like that.
From the moment we put that first word on the paper,
 we love and nurture our characters, our dialogue and our story line,
wanting it to grow, hoping it will head in the right direction, and not be led astray.
And then it's grown, matured, and ready to face the world on it's own, but wait, it still needs you!
There's still work to be done.
I wrote a novella to see what self publishing was about and how it works.
I went to createspace, and found I had to create an account, and then I had to have a book title, okay...
What I wanted to find out was about the formatting and was also curious about the cover creator and the options they had. I am still learning, but so far I am happy with my progress. Still trying to figure out the pricing, but right now the paperback is $3.99 and the e-book is $2.99 and if you are a Prime Member you can borrow it at no cost to you! Even if you don't have a kindle you can find the kindle app on Amazon here and it's free!
You can find "Kyle & Kelly, The Perfect Party Planner" on Amazon.
It is available in paperback and for your Kindle.

I think my toes are happy!


  1. Woo, congrats on trying it out. Wishing you the best of luck! (Keep us posted!)

    1. Thanks Wendy! So far so good, at least I am enjoying it!

  2. This sounds a-maaaaazing! Big congratulations! BTW, yes, your toes look happy! ;)

    1. Thank you! :-) Yep gotta keep the toes happy!

  3. That's some spectacular news, Karen!! Definitely keep us posted. I would love to know how it goes. You're a go-getter. Best of luck!


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