Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Everyday there's a holiday!

Well not quite, but if it's someone's birthday, that could be a holiday too, right?

Hi Everyone! I had tweeted today about using plastic tablecloths for wrapping paper. Hey!
It works great for those BIG gifts. But here's something you didn't know, and that is that I love to use a twin bed sheet for a table cloth for a child's birthday party!

First, put a plastic tablcloth on the table, then put the sheet over it. Now with fabric paint, write Happy Birthday and the child's name, add some balloons, or frogs or whatever your child likes. (Don't forget to let it dry) Then when the guests arrive, leave some permanent markers or fabric paint pens on the table for the guests to write messages for the child on the sheet! After the party's over, throw it in the washer and Ta Da! The child has their own personalized bed sheet!

For great custom party sets, check out http://myuniquebaskets.blogspot.com/ 

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  1. The holiday season brings to mind another great use for plastic table cloths. You can wrap a body in it but you can't chop it up, for that, you'll need to go old-school and use heavy duty bags.

    Hi Karen, pleased to meet you. :) In case you haven't noticed, my humor is a bit out there. You don't have to call the FBI.


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