Monday, December 12, 2011

No One Knows

I've been told that no one knows your book better than you!
So my question is, "How come it's so hard to write a query and synopsis?"

I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago. She is an English Lit professor and a writing instructor.
Right now she is grading and reading finals, but when she's done, she's agreed to read my book that I just finished. I told her she needs to be impartial.
 "Yeah right" she tells me. We've been friends for 18 years now.
Anyway, she was asking what my book was about and was trying to pull out all the details.
It didn't dawn on me until after I hung up that she was trying to get a synopsis out of me.
I should have realized this and maybe my synopsis would be done! Oh well. I'll probably get together with her next week and hopefully she can teach me some things about writing!

Have a great week everyone and if you get a chance check out my other blog on wordpress.


  1. Synopsis are the hardest things to write.
    I have discovered the secret of the ten sentence synopsis and found this difficult task much easier. And a synopsis that covers the main points in less than 750 words

    I did a blog about this process in July. Come across and read it.

  2. Hi Shirley! I'm trying to do some catch up today! I stopped by your blog and followed you. I finished my synopsis and am now stumbling through my query! If it's not one thing it's another! :-))
    Hope you are having an awesome week!


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