Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catch Me If You Can!

Just want to let everyone know what I have been up to and what to look forward to over the next couple of weeks, but first my horoscopes, which by the way, are right on today!

Aquarius Today June 14, 2012
1/20 – 2/18
If you want some alone time today, that's fine -- but don't just drop off the face of the earth and leave people guessing about what happened to you. You owe it to your friends, family and coworkers to let them know what and where you are -- both emotionally and physically. If you want to have the freedom to come and go as you please, you need to provide the respect that other people deserve. Plus, they will worry about you if they don't know what's going on. Save them from that. "Okay, will do!"
Rooster Daily Overview 
Although you may not be fortunate in the love and wealth department, you might see yourself becoming successful career-wise. This, however, does not come without significant hard work from your end. With that said, make sure that you enjoy whatever leisure time you might have.
Dog Daily Overview
Be patient as you might experience a lot of problems today. You need to go through this in order to better appreciate the things to come when your own work brings about success. Don't get distracted by a blooming romance, as you need to iron things out around you before you indulge in some 'me' time.

So to catch up, I have been interviewing other authors on my other blog and you can find them here;
Sara Flower- I love her pen name. Did you know Flower is her middle name?
And Victoria Limbert. I love her cover for Lilith! It goes great on my blog!
On June 20th Sydney Aaliyah will be visiting us from Australia!
I've also been trying to help promote other author's books here on this blog.
"Ransom" by Emily Guido is her second book in her series, "The Light-Bearer"
"Immortal Relations" by G.D. Ogan
And coming up on June 18th, I'll have a peek at 
Damon Ferrell Marbut's  "Awake in the Mad World"
Which brings us to: I have been interviewed myself 3 times over the past couple of weeks. I had a great time doing Eden's interview here
And then I was interviewed here on Writers Block Admin Services 
And Tomorrow you can find me here
I had a great time visiting with Sharky! I should have ordered the Pina Colada though, it would have been great while I was stranded on that deserted island surfing the web!
Last but not least "The Good Dr. Grant" will be promo'd on July 8th here 

PHEW! Wait! I haven't told you about yesterday and today!
Yesterday I had breakfast with my dad and step mom and my step sister, Val. It was great visiting with Val, since I don't get to see her too often, because she lives up in OR. Then I came home and spent the rest of the day reformatting the print version of "The Good Dr. Grant" Why? Because when I first published it, I wanted a photo of my son's dog inside the book in color. Little did I know at the time that, that one picture would jack the price of my novel way up. So instead of the average $15.00 I can't list it for less than $41.55 on Amazon. Lesson learned and I won't go into the details of reformatting, but let's just say it involves 2 laptops, MS Word, MS Works Word Processor, pdf. rtf. doc. two trusty memory sticks And a trip to the hair dresser to get all the gray hair colored!
So today is more reformatting and then some editing and revising of, 
"Chris' Journey Turning Different Corners" 
Because I am looking at a tentative release date of July 4th! Well that's it for now. Well there is more but I'll spare you the details. (smile)
Oops! I forgot to tell you I was awarded a blogger award for my other blog this morning from Zen Scribbles. Thank you Zen! Stop by her blog you'll be glad you did!
Okay Gotta go! Catch me if you can!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love reading about horoscopes and star signs, I have found the traits written up about each individual star signs make a lot of sense to me and those who I know. Looking forward to seeing more of your articles!


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