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A Snippet of "Chris' Journey Turning Different Corners"

If you've picked up and read, "The Good Dr. Grant" You would have seen a snippet of Chris' Journey Turning Different Corners" at the end of the book, but what you don't know, is that I have been editing and revising it since "The Good Dr. Grant" was published in April, 2012. I am working on a release date of July 4th. 2012 for the first book in the series,

Her Journey Begins

                                      By Karen Einsel, 

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author‘s vivid imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead is coincidental.
Copyright © 2011 Karen Einsel
All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

This first book in Chris’ Journey is dedicated to one of my Best Friends
Cindy Cotter
Who has always believed in me
Love you Cindy!







   Sitting there staring at the cake, Chris watches the flames flicker on the candles as the colored wax drips down onto the chocolate frosting. Her eyes blur with the hot tears that spill over and roll down her cheeks. Barb puts her arm around Chris’ shoulder,
   “Chris, honey, what’s wrong?”
   A few hours earlier….
   Chris changes the one year olds diaper and laying him down in his crib she hands him his bottle. Picking up the sleepy eyed two year old Chris hugs her.
   “Are you ready for your nap too?” The little girl lays her head on Chris’ shoulder and Chris smiles. “Okay, give me an Eskimo kiss.” The little girl giggles and rubs noses with Chris. Carrying her over to the crib, Chris lifts her up and over the rail and the little girl holds her hand out.
   “Uh, uh.” Picking up the doll from the floor Chris holds it out to her.
   “You can say, dolly please.” The little girl holds out her hand.
   “Dau-eee, pease.” Chris smiles at her.
   “Now go to sleep, pease.”
Going in search of Jason, Chris finds him sitting on the floor in her bedroom playing with his two cars. Chris ruffles his curly black hair and holds her hand out to him.
   “Come on Jason, let’s go make us a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can spread the peanut butter for us.”  Jason grins up at her and Chris sees the delight in his eyes.
Trying to be quiet as they walk through the living room Chris hears a thump and the one year old starts to cry. Chris glances at her foster mom who is lying on the couch.
   “Dammit Chris, I told you to keep those brats quiet. You know I have a pounding headache.” Chris flinches as Jason squeezes her hand tighter. Chris whispers down to him.
   “It’s okay Jason. Let’s go see why he’s crying and then we can eat lunch.”
   Pouring Jason a glass of milk Chris hears someone knocking on the front door. She tilts her head listening to see if her foster mom will get her fat butt off the couch.
   “Guess not.”  Chris sighs. “Eat your lunch Jason and I’ll be right back, okay?”
Opening the door, Chris looks at the lady standing there.
   “May I help you?”
   “Hi, are you Chris?” Chris nods her head. “Hi Chris, my name is Miss Vetro. I am your new social worker. Is your foster mom here?”
Chris looks over at her foster mom who is getting up off the couch muttering. “Shit, what does she want? Well don’t just stand there, let her in.” 
Chris smiles and opens the door wider, “Please come in.” Miss Vetro thanks her and steps inside. Jason comes looking for Chris and clutches her hand as their foster mom gives Chris the look that says, Go in the other room, I’ll take care of her. Chris tugs on Jason’s hand.
   “Come on Jason, we will go finish our lunch.”
   “Chris, I need you to stay. I have some questions for you also. May I sit down?” Picking up the magazines from the chair, Chris cringes as her foster mom snaps at her.
   “I told you to pick those up earlier.”
Chris lowers her eyes wishing she could disappear as Jason tugs at her hand.
   “Chris, I’m hungry.”
Still looking down, Chris shuffles her feet.
   “May I?”
   “Yes, but please come right back, okay?”
    Coming back into the living room Chris sees Miss Vetro writing in her notebook and Chris sits down on the foot stool across from her. Clasping her hands in her lap, Chris looks down at her big toe that’s peeking out from her shoe.
   “Chris, why haven’t you been in school?” Chris looks up and looks over at her foster mom. “No. Chris I’ve already asked her, now I’m asking you.” Clenching and unclenching her hands Chris looks back at her shoe and shrugs her shoulders. Miss Vetro reaches over and pats her on the knee. “Chris, do you like school?” Chris nods her head. “Do you have friends at school?”
  Chris whispers. “A couple.”
   “Don’t you miss your friends?” Chris doesn’t answer. “Okay, let me ask you this, are you a good student?”
   “I don’t know. I guess I am.”
   “Chris, I talked to your teacher, Miss Bailey, this morning and she tells me that you are a very good student. She says you are sweet and kind and that you are very helpful. She also told me that you are a very bright young lady.” Still looking at Chris, Miss Vetro takes a breath. Her mind is spinning in every different direction. This is the first case she has been assigned and she was told, First rule, don’t get emotionally involved. Go in, assess the situation and see if the child should be removed from the home. How can she not get emotionally involved? Looking at Chris she feels sorry for her. Not only are Chris’ clothes stained with holes in them, but Miss Vetro can clearly see that Chris’ shoes are too small, making her wonder, What do these people do with the money they receive to take care of these kids?
   “Chris, I am going to take you and place you in a different foster home. While I sit here and go over paperwork with your foster mom, I need you to go pack up your stuff. Chris stares at her. Miss Vetro pats her on the leg again, “Chris, please?” Grudgingly Chris gets up and goes into her room grabbing the few things she owns and puts them in a grocery bag. Coming back into the living room, Jason walks over and grabs Chris’ hand.
   “Chris, where you going?” Getting down on her knees, Chris looks into his eyes.
   “I have to go Jason. They are going to put me in a different home.”
   “No Chris, I don‘t want you to go.” Chris sees his bottom lip start to quiver.
   “It’ll be okay Jason. I want you to do me a favor though, okay?” He nods. “I want you to be good. Don’t get into trouble and help take care of the little ones, okay?” Jason nods and with tears in her eyes Chris hugs him before standing up. “I love you Jason.”  Not wanting Jason to see her cry Chris quickly walks out the door with Miss Vetro right behind her. After opening the car door for Chris, Miss Vetro walks around and gets in the other side assuring Chris it’s going to be alright. Still fighting back the tears that threaten to fall and with a trembling voice, Chris lashes out at her.
   “How can you say it’s going to be alright? Who’s going to take care of them if I’m not here? I can’t just leave them! Why are you taking me away? Why not take them and place them in a new home?”
Miss Vetro sighs, “I can’t because I’m not their social worker, but as soon as we get back to my office, I will talk to my supervisor and try to have them placed elsewhere, okay?”
   Chris looks over at the house and sees Jason watching her through the steamed up window. Seeing the tears run down his cheeks, she whispers. “I’m sorry.”
It has been cloudy all morning. Chris watches the first few drops of rain splash onto the sidewalk and she shivers.
   “Are you cold? Did you bring a jacket?”
Still staring out the window, Chris sadly shakes her head, “I don’t have a jacket.”

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