Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"The Good Dr. Grant" Book Trailer

I like to try new things and I have been checking out other's book trailers, so I thought, "Why not!"
 I can do that and...Wa La! Here is my book trailer for 
"The Good Dr. Grant"
I had a lot of fun making this. 
I purchased pictures from

Which I found after checking out 
Where you can pick up some great photos for free.
And then I also picked up some photos from
And you can buy "The Good Dr. Grant" on Amazon


You can also watch the video on YouTube here http://youtu.be/v9b2TeEIYyY

First, I want to thank Doug Adair for writing the music for me.

You can find more of Doug's music here on Reverbnation

And Stop by his Facebook page here

And I found him on YouTube too! And I really like this one!

And then I put a shout out on Facebook once again.
 I still needed a picture to use for, The Good Dr. Grant
And Joshua Merrick, author of "Wrong Way Street" answered my call.
You can find Joshua's website here
Wow Joshua is everywhere! :-)

You can find "Wrong Way Street"
On Amazon



And Barnes & Noble


  1. Hey, girl! This is so cool! I think it's awesome that you have the courage to search for and try these new things! By the way, I love it! On my way to get your book!

    1. Are you in AZ? Hope you aren't melting. Stay safe from all the fires out this way.

  2. Hey Jo! How have you been? Haven't heard from you in a while.
    I had a lot of fun doing this. It was so neat putting it all together. And Thank you. I hope you enjoy "The Good Dr. Grant" Next book coming out soon.

  3. Did drive thru Arizona today and now almost done with New Mexico. Thank God for A/C! I'm glad you had fun doing it. Taking my time revising my historical novel while still working on the Hell Hounds. Though I love driving a truck, sometimes I wish I had a 9 to 5 job. Lol

    1. Hey Jo where abouts are you now? I hear it's supposed to be 100 in Arkansas, And believe it or not here it is almost 1 p.m. here in SoCal and it's only 80. Hope you missed all the storms on the east. Take care


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