Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Wrong Way Street" by Joshua Merrick

Today I want to share "Wrong Way Street" By Joshua Merrick

I love this cover!

In the aftermath of this country's darkest hour, the attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers, DIA specialists stumble across a vital intelligence transmission that could lead to one of the masterminds behind the attacks. A team of ARMY Rangers is sent behind foreign lines to find and extract this mysterious man, but before they can reach the landing site their C-130 transport is targeted by a roving team with surface to air missiles - a team placed by CIA assets to protect the Rangers' target. With his chute damaged and the mission compromised, Lt. Jason Callaway (known as JC to his friends), faces the biggest challenge of his military career: to bring in one his nation's greatest enemies, one of her own turned traitor. After JC overcomes impossible odds to escape the intelligence assets who try to turn him for their own purposes, he finds himself court-martialed and the rest of his team imprisoned. The organization behind it all target JC's wife in an attempt to bring him in again. A failed midnight attack leads to JC being injured and on the run while his wife Karen, is hospitalized for GSW to the chest. With time running out, and his wife's life on the line, JC brings the fight to them, employing all his skill and training (and all the favors he can call in) to find the men who want him dead. When other means prove ineffective, JC's unknown enemies turn one of their best agents loose after him, a woman named Lori who has never failed. With rogue agents and intelligence turf wars, bitter secrets and desperate men with too many names; the only chance for success will come down to what one man is willing to do for the people (and country) that he loves. This whirlwind adventure is a must read for all.

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