Friday, October 28, 2011


Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!
I'm going to go off topic this morning and just do some reminiscing.
I posted a Neil Diamond video on FB this morning, "Forever in Blue Jeans"

And it started a conversation with a friend about how we only wear blue jeans and that we better be buried in them. No dresses, please! Anyway it brought to mind a friend I had as a teenager. His name was JoJo and he was 2 years older then me. He was a good kid. He went to church on Sundays with his parents, was kind, friendly and helpful. You could always find him out working on his car that he loved and You never seen JoJo in anything but jeans and a white t-shirt. JoJo was the first guy that I ever knew that had both ears pierced and his choice of earrings was a little gold cross.

      When JoJo was 18 he went to the big rock concert at the Ontario Motor Speedway.

 I didn't know until the next day that JoJo OD'd at this concert. In fact, I was at the hospital with my sister when they brought him in on the gurney and did not know it was him at the time, because of the oxygen mask and tubes, etc.

JoJo was only 18. No one forced him to take the drugs that day, it was a choice he made. A sad one, but still his choice.

   When we went to the viewing, us, his friends, were upset that his mom choose to put him in a suit and tie, that just wasn't JoJo. We did finally convince her to at least put his earrings in.

   I think we should be able to make our own choices and hopefully we make the right ones.
 Sometimes the choices we make reflect back on everything we do and who we become.
And there are times when other's choices for us affect how we turn out.
Then there's other people's choices that show us paths that we don't want to go down.

I wasn't really going to ask a question with this post, but if I did, it would be,

"What choices have you made that have molded the way you write and think?"



  1. My number one mantra is choices! choices! choices! and the consequences thereof.
    It's the one thing that HAS to be repeated over and over, to teens/young adults.
    Your question is very interesting - it's definitely food for thought. Now you've got me thinking...

  2. And now you have me thinking too! lol! When I started writing this blog this morning, it was based more on how some things trigger certain memories and so I was just reminiscing, but now that I have read your reply.....

    Actually I had thought about this weeks ago without really realizing it. I was thinking that if my character had made different choices along the way, the story would change. Interesting!
    I'll keep this in mind for my next book.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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