Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Self Publish or Not

I have thought about Self Publishing, but to me it seems a little scary! I think for my first book, I want the help of an agent, then maybe on future work, if I have learned anything.... I was reading a friend's post on FB the other day and she has an agent, but her current book she has self published because she wants to enjoy the rewards now, and she's saving for a family vacation. Here's a blog I was reading this morning about another's viewpoint on self publishing. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Q4U... Have you self published or thought about it? What would be the scary part for you to do that?

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  1. I finished my first novel, THE ELLROY DEFLECTION, probably about a year and a half ago. I wrote to a few agents looking for representation and started work on my second novel, which I have now almost finished. I wasn't successful in obtaining an agent, but I read an article about John Locked on the bbc news. It reported how he'd self-published on kindle through Amazon and had sold a million. After that, I read about Amanda Hockling and thought, 'what's stopping me?' So, I gave it a go and found it very satisfying. The way I see it, it's out there now - being read. It's been a slow start, with probably 25 downloads since late June. It's on the 35% royalties option at the lowest possible price at the moment and Amazon don't send the cheque until you reach $100, so riches are quite a way off for now. In the last month I've used to make it available for print on demand. I didn't think anyone would want to spend that much for the print copy, but I had a sale yesterday. Hopefully success will come in time, but for now I'm glad that I stumbled upon the self-publishing avenue. It had never occured to me how easy it would be (promotion takes up writing-time though). Good luck, whatever you decide to do. My blog can be accessed via


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