Friday, October 14, 2011

Life! Isn't it Awesome!

I was really hoping two weeks ago to say, "YAY! Finished my first novel" But sometimes life gets in the way, which is a good thing!

The weekend I was hoping to have it finished I went down and spent two days in San Diego with my son and went to the Blue Angels air show, then last weekend my son came up here. His roommates grandmother had passed away and her funeral was that Saturday. My son also had a job up here in the area, and he brought his dogs and I got to puppy sit for three days! So with his two and my two wanting to run in and out, in and out, front door and back door, well lets just say there wasn't much time to write.

Well yesterday I finished up the "With this ring, I thee wed vows, and I can't tell you how happy I am with how they turned out! Yes it's an erotic romance, but to me it is a tender sweet love story, with some hot sensual sex thrown in :-)

This morning I stood in line at Barnes and Noble waiting to get my wristband for Ozzy Osbourne's book signing! Awesome!!!!!

And then this evening, I got my book signed and got to talk to Ozzy! I know he's not your regular type of author, but he's OZZY! Yes, I was excited, Did I tell you I got to talk to Ozzy! Okay enough, I'm sorry I tend to get excited, but I am a huge fan of Ozzy.


  1. Hey, did you get to talk to Ozzy? Just kidding! That is super exciting. Woot!!! And congrats on finishing the vows. That's awesome. What's sensual sex without the love?

  2. Too cool talking to OZZY!!! I like him too. :) Tender sewwt love with sensual sex thrown in...that's my kind of story! Heck that's a wonderful life! ;)


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