Monday, October 17, 2011

Humanizing Your Characters

Just a quick blog post this morning. I have been thinking about this the past few days and wonder just how human are your characters.

I know we describe our characters. Fat, thin, short, tall, brown hair, etc. And we give them little traits such as nail biters, or gigglers, coffee drinkers, but where do they get that cup of coffee they are always carrying around? But the question is, Do you actually make them human, with basic day to day habits? Do they ever do the dishes, run the vacuum, strip the dirty sheets off the bed, and do a load of laundry? Or do they have a magical housecleaning fairy that comes in while they are sleeping? (I have really got to get me one of those!)

I know if the heroine is out fighting zombies, she's not going to stop and realize she forgot to shave her legs last night, and the zombies aren't going to care if she has a sink full of dishes, but not all stories are about zombies invading.

I really got to thinking about this when I updated my facebook status the other day. Telling everyone that I had to wash my hair and go to the grocery store. Yes I know I lead a boring life, but these are some of the day to day things we do without ever thinking about them.

I'm not saying throw everything in and make your story dull and boring, but certain things can be addressed that your reader can relate to. Yes we all want to live that perfect life where the kids don't come in while you are on the phone and yell at the top of their lungs, "Mom the dog just pooped all over the living room rug." But it's part of life and part of being human.

Well back to my perfectly boring life of cleaning house, doing, laundry, humanizing my characters and yes I really should shave my legs today! (Can't wait for short season to be over, jeans here I come!)

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Really valid points. I'll try it today. :)

  2. I got to thinkin about this a few weeks ago when I wrote another post on descriptions and mentioned another blogger who had a baby in her novel which never got fed a bottle. We do so many day to day things that we never stop to think about them, we just do them.


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