Monday, October 24, 2011

Twitter, Spam, Passwords

This is a subject that many people don't like to take about. It's like telling people you are depressed or have cancer. It's a stigma, something that many people are embarrassed about when it's really not their fault.

And that subject is, Having your accounts "Hacked into"

I like to help people. I share their links, their blogs, tweet about them and retweet. Well the Day before yesterday, I was helping someone get their blog noticed. I shared their blog on my blog, I tweeted about them and then when I went to share on my one FB pages,(After already sharing on my other fb page)  I had a warning notice pop up saying that this was either a spam or that there was something bad with this link. Thanks, now you tell me after I shared it everywhere

Now, I think my twitter account got hacked into. Sorry....

And the thing with getting your twitter account hacked into is then your followers start getting those messages, you know the ones that say, I found a funny picture of you. Or, Someone has said something bad about you on their blog. I've gotten those messages from other followers when their accounts have been hacked into.And because I have not been able to contact them other than a tweet, or twitter message, they have no idea they have been hacked. Then the only thing you can do is unfollow them and then block them from following you.

It is so sad that people do this kind of thing.
But, just to let you know, I have gone in, changed my twitter name and changed my password.
Also, I don't not send twitter messages, never have and never will, I will respond or reply to ones that have been sent to me, but I never initiate one. So that said, if you ever get one of those messages from me, please let me know via facebook or my email

The reason I am talking about this, is that I lost 17 followers within a few hours after sharing that one blog, which by the way has now been deleted off of all my pages.

So remember to change your passwords often and watch what you share with others
And now with that said and my mind finally uncluttered, I can get down to the task of writing!

Happy Monday Everyone!



  1. Excellent advice. My e-mail was hacked a few months ago, and I had to shut the whole thing down. What a mess! Of course, everyone knew I was hacked since they started receiving messages for "amazing male enhancement." LOL I don't know why people do that, except to be mean. I do have a facebook account, but I haven't jumped into Twitter. Where do people find the time? Sorry you lost followers, but I just signed up here to follow, so you gained one. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for following. It is just so sad that people do this and yes, I have been a victim of the email hacking before also. I have the facebook account too and where do I find the time? Lately I don't :-( So it's a quick stop here, a poke there, and a tweet :-) Hope you have a super awesome day!

  3. I had this happen to my yahoo email recently! So embarrassing. I really don't understand why people create that kind of spam. :(

  4. Hi Ruth! Yes it is definitely embarrassing and many people don't want to tell people their account has been hacked, but if we don't, we tend to lose followers or business. My business account through yahoo got hacked into a couple of years ago and I was getting 50 to 100 email notifications a day telling me my emails had been blocked or returned because of spam and I was like, But I didn't send those emails... Took months of going back and forth with yahoo, before it finally got taken care of.


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