Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Query, Synopsis, Cover letter? EEK!

Okay, I know how to write the query.
I've figured out how to write the synopsis.
But what the heck do I put in a cover letter?

Yes, I know that should be the easiest out of the three, but.........

It's like my poor son, filling out job applications and he has no job history to report
 because he's never had a job!

Well that's me. I have written my first novel and yet have no history.
Nothing ever published, no awards....

So what do you put on that cover letter?
Do you list the blogs you write?
Your three facebook pages you have?
Your twitter account?
The guest blog you wrote for someone else's blog?


  1. Follow the publishers' and agents' guidelines, first. In the cover letter, introduce your book in terms of the audience it will appeal to. Show there is demand for the novel you've written.

    That being said, it did not work for me. I found that publishers won't even look at a novel by an unknown author—and I have been published, although never in book-length form: I have been a journalist for over 20 years.

    That's why, after a year of enquiring, I opted for independent publishing.

  2. Good morning! " it did not work for me" That's encouraging. lol

    It is like I was saying about my son looking for a job, his rejections always state "You have no experience" But if no one gives him a job, how is he supposed to get any experience? We all have to start somewhere, right? It seems like it a no-win situation. That said....

    I can understand a publishers point of view. In the business sense they are cautious about taking on a newbie. They are there to make money. And in this economy, with publishing companies downsizing and some even going out of business all together, why take a chance on someone new coming in that might not bring in the sales they hope for.

    But on the other hand....

    I wrote a post on here somewhere asking about self publishing and I still have to go with my initial plan of trying to have my first novel published the traditional way, mainly because I am new and still have so much to learn.


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