Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prioritizing My Priorities!

EEK! I make To Do Lists just to help keep me on track. I take a sheet of paper and list everything I want to accomplish that day and love the feeling of crossing things off my list.
Yesterday's list included, but was not limited to:
House cleaning, laundry,workout,sort through paper work and balance checkbook and update facebook, drag out Halloween decorations and while I was doing that, I found my computer speakers that I have been searching months for! Not to mention, Write, Write, Write!

But the hardest part of To Do lists and accomplishing everything is I get my priorities all jumbled up and end up not accomplishing everything I've set out to do, or not getting to the most important ones that really should be a priority!

When it comes to my writing...I am this close to having my novel finished and yet instead of writing yesterday, I started reading back through and did some editing and revising! I also start stressing on how to write a query or a synopsis and who am I going to send them to. Trying to find either a publisher or agent can be time consuming. And yet most authors, agents, writers, etc. tell me just get it written and then worry about the rest. :-) But I am happy to say that this morning I think I found the agent I will send my query to, because she is currently taking queries in my genre! So I am excited and now know what my priority is for the next couple of days! Write, write, write!

Here's wishing everyone a great day and happy writing.

Oh and if you get a chance you can see all the to do things I have been catching up with...
And don't forget to tweet me!
And I did get out my Halloween Decorations and have started to decorate!

And now I have updated my writer's blog! Woohoo, I'm on a roll!
Now to hook up my speakers and crank up one of my favorite YouTube playlists and WRITE!


  1. Your life sounds like mine a couple of years ago. Not that much different from mine now, come to think of it. I too have to keep my priorities a priority. Thanks for the reminder. I've got a few things off my list, now for my shower and some work on my new novel!

  2. I love lists. I make daily writing goals.

  3. Well I haven't written up my to do list for today as of yet, But making my list will be my top priority for today! Miranda, I don't make daily writing goals and I probably should, but since I type with the classic two finger typing, it makes it really hard to say, I will type 1000 words today! :-) I just commented on another blog and she seems to have problems with life and distractions when it comes to scheduling her time, Check it out I think we can all relate! Have a great day everyone and get busy writing! Even if it's just your To Do list! :-)http://falyndonaldson.com/2011/10/12/scheduling/#comment-1179

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