Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Bloggers

Good morning everyone! Well it was until the dog decided to take over my writing chair! This is Duggy everyone. See what happens when you get up to get a cup of coffee!

I just want to write a quick blog this morning letting everyone know that I will be a guest blogger for Brian on Halloween! You can find it here

Also, Brian is looking for other guest bloggers that would like to share health/medical stories.
So if you are interested stop by and check out his blog!

I am a fiction writer and tend to have a hard time writing non-fiction.
My blog post on Brian's blog is about my oldest son and his leukemia.
My problem with writing non-fiction is....

  • I tend to stick to facts and statistics
  • I don't seem to put in enough of the personal side
  • And I get wordy :-)
I remember writing a paper on alcoholism nine years ago in college
and even though I received a good grade on it,
the professor wrote the comment that I needed to show more of the personal side.

So what I'm hoping to do on Monday is write on my blog,
 a more personal side in contrast to my guest blog post on Brian's.

So I hope everyone has a chance to stop by both blogs and let me know what you think.

Wishing you all a great day today!



  1. I'll have to stop by and see how you do on non-fiction, lol!

    I took childhood psychology in college, among other things, and when I did my case studies I had to report on the five or six kids I was working with. I got all the facts right but I wrote it as a journal of each. My psych teacher told me she could see each of the kids so clearly and what they were doing, the surroundings, etc. She told me I should really be a writer, lol! I got an A in the courses.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  2. Hi Sia! I did all the psychology, sociology, and philosophy classes they offered in college, along with nutrition and health, because at the time my goal was to open a board and care for the elderly, after putting in 17 years in an elementary school, I was ready to change my age group. Never thought about being a writer at that time. :-) oh well, here I am. Now see you did the your journal the way my English composition professor tried to teach me...
    We had this one assignment where we had to describe someone, so that if they were to walk into the classroom, the class would know exactly who they were without ever meeting them before.

    I tried doing the journal throughout my sons treatments, but it was basically the cold hard facts.

    Now I have to ask, are you still working with kids, or have you let writing become the love of your life?

    Don't forget to stop by Monday afternoon and you can grade me on my non-fiction!
    Hope you are having a great Day!

  3. Your post is wonderful. I set it up today. I hope you like it. I am sorry to say I am not yet familiar with your fiction. I am fixing that. As for your non-fiction writing; you are a very good story teller.

  4. Thank you once again Brian. As for my fiction, I haven't had anything published yet, but my first novel is in the editing stage right now and I have been working on a synopsis, so it's a work in progress.


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